Erika Kulnys
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Erika Kulnys

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Erika Kulnys opens hearts with her vulnerability, humour, passion and commitment to social change. Described as “possessing the ingenious activist zeal combined with the poetic skepticism of Leonard Cohen,” Erika’s powerful voice and carefully crafted songs are reaching people across the globe. Erika recently won the Canadian Voice of Women’s national youth award for her work creating a culture of peace through music and her record, Rise Up, was Top Ten on the Canadian folk music charts. In 2016 Erika won the Cork Folk Festival’s Song Competition in Ireland and was a finalist in the Canada South Songwriting Festival. In 2015 she won Music Nova Scotia’s Inspirational Recording of the Year and in 2014 was a finalist for the International Acoustic Music Awards. Erika also won a Watson Fellowship to study folk music for social change in Ireland, Jamaica, Brazil, Venezuela, and India. Her music, rooted in the maritime tradition of storytelling through song, has international influences, and speaks to people across cultures.
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