Psycho Village
Tickets - Bochum, Rockpalast (Matrix) Bochum

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Sonntag, den
28. August 2022
19:00 Uhr
ab 17,50 EUR
Rockpalast (Matrix) Bochum
Hauptstraße 200
44892 Bochum
Schwerbehinderte Personen mit B-Vermerk im Ausweis zahlen den Normalpreis. Die Begleitperson erhält freien Eintritt und benötigt kein eigenes Ticket. Ausweis am Eingang bitte unaufgefordert vorlegen.

Keine Altersbeschränkungen bei Konzerten, wenn nicht anders angegeben.
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Psycho Village
Psycho Village
FRAGILE song meaning:
This song was written right after one of the darkest days of my life. The day after my dad´s deadly accident I flew over to arrange his transportation back and also to bring my mom and brother back home. I wrote the prechorus and melody to the chorus in my head while standing in the shower for maybe an hour not knowing what I should do next. The lyrics explain pretty well how I felt, what Ive gone through and continue to go through and how I feel to this day. We are all fragile, and need to be cautious and take care of ourselves, but sometimes we break and its out of our hands and nothing will ever be able to fix whats broken inside. This is the title song of the new album.
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